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Meredith Sampler

Light Push Sampler

From the number of enquiries we have received, there is a need for a cost effective, shallow hole sampler for environmental and geotechnical work.

101 have been looking at options and answers for some time. The expense is not the “Drill” but the carrier. The new Meredith Sampler from 101, uses the tried and proven Eziprobe technology, strips it back to a bare minimum, giving a machine that, for a reasonable investment, will push sample and by changing the drill head, auger drill, but economical enough to store when not in use. The innovation is not in the drill, but in the mounting. This allows the machine to be attached to a number of different size drop side steel tray “utes”, without modification to the tray, saving the expense of a dedicated carrier. This innovation gives the consultant or driller the ability to hire a vehicle if it is not available with their current fleet. The drill and power pack are light enough to be lifted on and off the tray with a fork lift or a simple tripod and block and tackle.

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