1750 Scout Drill


The 1750 Scout was designed as a lightweight, economical machine for holes that in difficult locations or where the shallow depths or the programme size does not warrant the expense or logistics of a larger machine.  Although originally designed to be quickly broken down into smaller modules for a man portable application, the drill is quickly adapted to a variety of carriers to suit your specific drilling application.

Depending on the options fitted, this versatile drill can be used with a range of Down the Hole (DTH) systems, including:

Solid and hollow augers

Diamond drilling tooling

Rotary Air Blast (RAB)

Rotary Mud

Small diameter Reverse Circulation (RC)

The multi-purpose 1750 Scout can be used for:

Geotechnical Sampling: Using solid or hollow augers conventional coring with (NMLC) or mud rotary to obtain the samples required.  The most difficult locations are accessible with this compact designed machine (although the drill has a wireline winch option it is not recommended that an SPT hammer be used on this machine).

Environmental Sampling: The light weight and small foot print of the 1750 Scout make it an ideal machine for taking those deeper samples that are too hard for hand sampling and access makes a bigger machine on site impractical.  Piezometers and other monitoring systems can be easily installed using this machine.

Mineral Exploration: Because it is easily transported in modules, the Scout is an ideal drill for Greenfields exploration, where initial site access is machine might have to be walked or transported by helicopter.  Where there is more easily hole access, the drill module can be simply and quickly fitted to a light 4 x 4, single axle trailer of a 4 x 4 agricultural tractor.

Depending on the options fitted the drill can be used for solid auger geochemical sampling. RAB geo-chem, sampling using blade bits, rock rollers and hammer, high speed low torque Diamond drilling or small diameter RC.

Shallow Water Wells:  By fitting the 101 side entry swivel under the head, larger volumes of fluids are able to be pumped down the hole without significant pressure loss.  This makes the 1750 ideal for those difficult domestic sites where it is impractical to get a larger machine into the location because of height restrictions and general access may cause difficulties.  Since the drill has such a small foot print, disturbance to the surrounding garden area is kept to a minimum.

Slope Stabilization: The nature of the rig positioning with soil nailing and slope stabilization, makes the 1750 and ideal choice.  The high power and modular configuration allows the tower to be positioned as required, either on scaffolding or anchored to the face, while the power pack and ancillaries are located safely elsewhere

Earthing holes: The low height and compact nature of this machine is ideal for earthing holes next to new or existing installations.  The initial low investment also allows the drill to be parked when not required.  This allows the holes to be drilled when required rather than fitting a schedule of a third party.

Standard modules and options available allow the 1750 Scout drill to be customise to suit your particular needs.


One 1750 Scout Drill Auger configuration:

           Direct Dive Auger head with high torque head motor and fittings

                        Torque up to 2,500 Nm at 205 bar

                         110  rpm

            Fine feed control

            1.75m stroke

            Auger Drive sub (1 1/8 hex)

            RHS mast

            Tilt frame for vehicle/trailer mounting

            Hydraulic tilt

            1,000kg pull out/pull down

            Heavy duty pull-down chain

            Nylon idler rollers

            Standard Auger guide

            Standard control panel

            Steel Tray

            Hydraulic operation

            26 HP Diesel engine water cooled

            Raycor filter housing

            Remote throttle & Stop for carrier mounted drills

            Light guard for augers 500 mm to 1800 mm

            Rain hood for motor & lockable cage for protection

            Oil Cooler

CAPACITY (guide only)

                                                            NQ                               60 m

                                                            4” Open hole                 30 m

                                                            3 ½” Auger                    15 m

Based on clean straight fluid filled vertical hole.  Actual depths will depend on ground conditions and operator efficiency.

Carrier:  79 Series Toyota Landcruiser Cab chassis

             Heavy duty single axle trailer Treg hitch

             4 x 4 Agricultural tractor

Toyota Landcruiser upgrade kit:

32370 – Custom Toyota Tray to adjust axle loading

31678 – Roof racks for spare tyre

31679 – Roof rack mounts pair

31680 – GVM up-grade spring kit (supply only)

31730 – Bellows suspension kit (supply only)

Suspension upgrade can be fitted in our factory or supplied loose for fitting on site


Recommended fast moving spares:

4     Engine oil filters

20    Primary fuel filters (for water)

 8    Secondary fuel filters

4     Air filters

4     Sump Plug washers

4     Hydraulic oil filters


 Recommended Strategic engine spares

Water pump

Water pump Gasket

Fan belt


Temp Sender

Oil pressure switch

Radiator Cap

Top Radiator hose

Bottom Radiator hose

Bypass pipe

Rocker Cover Gasket

Oil filler cap

Oil filler Cap O ring

Fuel pump stop Solenoid

Fuel lift pump

Starter motor



Down the hole Auger tools

30627 – Auger 3 ½ x 0.7

27182 – Auger 3 ½ x 1.5

27174 – RB Spiral bit 4”

27173 – 2 Blade bit 4”

32469 – Hex pins 1 1/8 pack of 2

32435 – D Clip 1 1/8 pack of 4

27853 – C plate 3 ½ augers

27856 – Auger recovery tool

30239 – Auger guide slips for 3 ½

30365 – Simple storage rack for augers



RAB Tooling (an independent compressor is required)

30487 – Sub from auger head to swivel

30089W – Side entry swivel

31843 – Sub swivel to 14100 rods

30482 – 14100 Saver sub

28628 – 14100 x 1.5 drill rod with spanner flats

31635 – Sub rod box to bit box

31217 – 3 ¼ chevron bit

30377 – 14100 x 0.5 drill lead rod

31525 – 14100 box to Din pin

30212 – DTH hammer

31451 – 64 mm hammer bit

29277 – Spanner for rods

30394 – Slip plates for rods

30365 – Rack for rods

30346 – Hammer oiler

HAMOIL – Hammer lubrication oil

              Misc. air hoses and fittings

Independent Compressor

Diamond Conversion

31430 – Compact water swivel

32218 – Anti rotation bracket for swivel

27680 – Sub BW pin AW pin

27000 – 1750 hollow spindle

          High speed motor (oil dependent)

27690 – Sub 14100 pin NQ pin

32498 – Slip plates for NQ

31233 – Light foot clamp

EO4 Fluid pump, pressure relief, drive and hosing

Diamond DTH tooling quoted separately

RC Conversion

While it is possible to drill small diameter RC with this machine it is not practical

Additional drill options available

Engines to match your existing fleet

2 – Simple levelling jacks (recommended for RAB & Diamond Drilling)

Long stroke mast

Man portable configuration

Corporate colour scheme

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