The Eziprobe is a drilling system designed for very tight locations. The compact mast is designed to fit onto a quick release on small skid or similar carrier.  Available in 4 configurations the Eziprobe range is an economical alternative to those operations that do not warrant a larger machine.

While the machines were designed for full time operation, the initial investment allows them to be parked when not required and brought into use for those small jobs that do not justify mobilising an independent contractor.


Eziprobe Spartan: the smallest in the fleet, this rotary drill is designed for auger, hammer, rotary mud and shallow diamond drilling where size matters.

Eziprobe Spartan

Eziprobe Viking: A direct push machine for shallow soil sampling using a 44 mm liner system, the machine is ideal for site testing, were quick accurate soil samples are needed

Eziprobe Centurion: Cost-effective all-round geotechnical sampling machine, able to do both auger and push probe in one machine.

Eziprobe Centurion

Eziprobe Trojan: The work horse of the range and most versatile of the 4, A combination of the other three with the added advantage of a slide head to allow a winch to operate and the ability ot fit the larger push probe hammer for more power pushing down


As mentioned, these tower systems can be conveniently fitted to a small skid steer that can be hired as necessary to keep capital costs to a minimum or they can be manufactured with a power pack and fitted to a variety of carriers including trailer, tracks, Landcruiser size vehicles etc. Like all the 101 Sampling Solutions’ drills they can be customised with a range of standard accessories to produce a machine tailored to your specific operation.

Eziprobe Trojan

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