Designed as a light weight, cost-effective machine for the contractor or consultant who only needs to do fast, economical, shallow holes. Although designed to drill to 10 m the optimum depth is 1 ½ to 2 m for both Auger Sampling and MC 5 Push Probe holes.  The drilling method is altered by changing the bolt on head to either a hammer or auger drive.  Both these options are easily fitted with the minimum of tools and equipment.


A petrol engine driving a direct coupled gear pump with a generous hydraulic tank is the standard power pack.


Pull back is 3,500 Kg

Push down 2,000 kg (depending on the carrier)

Rotation speed for the auger 120 Rpm

Blow frequency for the hammer 1,700 Bpm

The Auger configuration has a safety screen to prevent accidental contact with the rotating drill string and a guide for 3 ½ (nominal) augers.

The mast is weighted to be easily manually raised

Drilling loads are taking on the mast via an adjustable foot

While our preference is for a dedicated carrier, as an option the sampler uses the tried and proven Eziprobe technology for the drill, the innovation is not in the drill but the sub frame that attaches the machine to the carrier. On a small drill like this one, much of the expense is in dedicating a carrier for a drill that might not be used full time. The sub-frame design allows the machine to be fitted to a number of commercial steel drop side ute trays, thus allowing the carrier to be used for other things when not drilling or hiring a vehicle when needed.  The rig can be easily lifted off (or on) with either an overhead crane or fork lift.


Base drill set up is for either Auger or Push Probe drilling for tray

Options include


1- Auger head and mounting frame and guard


Push Probe head and frame

2- Light hydraulic jacks with valving

3- Alternative engines to match an existing fleet

4- Carrier alterations

5- Corporate colour scheme

6-Under sling swivel for air drilling


MC 5 tooling for Meredith sampler
GEO25362 2 1/4 Drive cap for Special 1
GP205475 MC5 Drive Head 2 1/4 pin 1
GP204777 2 1/4 Probe Rod 12″ 1
GP204767 2 1/4 Probe Rod 60″ 3
GP204259 MC5 Sample tube 60″ 1
GP204217 MC5 cutting Shoe 1 1/2 ID 2
GP213857 MC/MC5 Liner spacer ring (66) 1
GP213856 MC/MC5 core catcher (28) 1
GP600131 MC/MC5 Liner PVC 60″ (66) 1
GP213845 MC/MC5 Liner cutter 1
GPAT726K PVC end caps black/red pair (66) 1
GEO31251 Liner cutter frame 1
MC5 Tooling



3 1/2 Auger Tooling  Other sizes are available upon request
SUB32013 Drive sub to 1 1/8 1
AUG27182 AUGER 3 1/2 X 1.5 4
32469 HEX PINS 1 1/8 PKT 2 2
32435 D CLIPS 1 1/8 PKT 4 2
AUG28770 AUGER 3 1/2 X 0.5 1
AUG27853 C PLATE 3 1/2 AUGER 1
3 1/2 Auger Tooling



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Any quoted depth capacity based on a clean straight fluid filled hole, actual depth achieved will depend on the ground type and operator efficiency.



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