The Vacuum drilling system, originally patented in the early 1960’s, has been specifically developed to provide a low cost, highly efficient drill sample recovery system. Extensive field development and testing has resulted in the vacuum drilling system being recognised as available accurate drilling method.
Principally designed for mineral exploration drilling, the Vacuum Drilling system has gained world wide application, with emphasis in bauxite and gold mining industries.
The system comprises vacuum pump, oil bath filter, sample separator, vacuum swivel and drive shaft adaptor to rotary drilling head.
The vacuum pump can be driven either hydraulically or mechanically from the existing drill rig power pack. Alternatively, separate independent drive source can be provided.
Continuous rating for the vacuum pump is 33 cfm @22″ Hg vacuum.
Sample is removed from the rod string via the vacuum swivel mounted above the rotary head. Cuttings proceed to the two stage sample separator for removal from the air stream and are collected in the bulk sample flask.
Separated air is then passed through the oil bath filter to being discharged from the vacuum pump.
The unique sample separation employed in the 101 Vacuum Drilling System, ensures uncontaminated recovery of all drill hole returns. Once removed from the air stream, the bulk sample can either be packaged in total or site split prior to dispatch to the laboratory.
The 101 Vacuum Drilling System is complimented with a full range of vacuum drilling consumables including:

Vacuum Drilling Rig Specifications

Drill: 2100 Explorer Drill for tractor mounting, with the following features:

Head activation via cylinder and 2:1 chain system

Pullout force:              3,600 kg

Pulldown force             2,400 kg

Stroke:                        2.1m

With fine feed for drilling and fast feed for tripping

Drill rod guide

60 mm ID hollow spindle rotary head

1 : 1.78 gear ratio

0 – 400 Rpm rotation speed (variable)

400 Nm Max drilling torque

Manual swing away head

Fitted with bush bar and tree deflecting bars

2 – rear levelling jacks

1 – front levelling jack

PTO driven hydraulic system with generous hydraulic tank and cooler

Comprehensive  manual control console with simplified gauges for the tractor engine

Tractor throttle control.

2- rear mounted, remote, emergency stop buttons

Standard tool set

Drill parts manual

Carrier:  Needs a minimum of 45 Hp at the PTO

Vacuum System

High capacity vacuum pump, hydraulically driven with variable speed, with up to 112 Cfm

20” Hg continuous 27” Hg intermittent suction

4” vacuum gauge

Primary Cyclone sample separator

4 litre clear sample container

Secondary filter bag and tertiary paper air filtration

Oil catcher and vacuum silencer

Vacuum swivel


Compensating wash pipe with AW box

Sample splitter 50:50 with trays

Optional Drill Accessories

1,000 kg hydraulic winch

Bit grinder hydraulically driven with stone fitted.

Rotating clamps for rod break out

Exhaust rod drier

Storage for 6 rods at the rear of the machine

Rod racking for 80 m of drill pipe

Tractor Sump guard

4” Engineers vice mounted on the tractor sub frame

Recommended Down the Hole Tooling

60 – 1.8 m EWGB drill pipes

3 – 300 mm EWGB starter rods

20 – 50 mm dia 2 blade drill bits EWGB thread

5 – Vacuum swivels

10 – Vacuum swivel repair kits

10 – AW pin to EWGB box compensating chuck subs

10 – Vacuum flasks

5 – Vacuum flask seals

  • Spare vacuum hose 20 m

50 – Vacuum filter bags

15 – Tertiary paper filters

  • Rod cleaning tool

No fast moving spare or strategic spare parts for the carrier or drill are included, but can be if required

Drill  depth capacity:

The machine has a theoretical capacity of 100 m plus but will be limited by the ground conditions and the operator efficiency.  Vacuum drilling is only effective in dry conditions and not suitable for samples with more than 15% moisture content.  Even in ideal conditions, 20 m to 30 m is a deep vacuum hole and if these depths are to be drilled on a regular basis there are more efficient methods to drill the holes.

We have specified EWGB threaded drill pipe, this is a 3 tpi tread that is currently in use in Australia for vacuum drilling.  The 4 tpi EWNT can supplied if preferred

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